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Tulum Yachts
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37ft Yacht

"Experience the luxury and beauty of Tulum from a whole new perspective with our impressive fleet of yachts. Our yacht party, rentals, and tours have received rave reviews from our customers, making us one of the best yacht rental companies in Tulum. Whether you're looking for an intimate trip with a small boat rental or a larger, more extravagant journey with a Tulum yacht tour, we have it all. Our yacht charters are also affordable, with cheap boat rentals available for those on a budget. Don't miss the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime - book your Tulum yacht rental with us today!"



Tulum Yachts offers a personalized and exclusive cruise experience, where customers can pick from an array of boats to meet their requirements. Whether it's for a one-day excursion, a romantic escape, or a milestone celebration, Tulum Yachts promises a singular and memorable adventure on the waves.

Our aim is to enhance your boating experience by reducing stress and increasing enjoyment. If you require any assistance with using our platform, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team of specialists is on hand and ready to help you.

Tulum Yachts is a private charter company offering luxury yacht rental services.

65 Ft Catamaran


From: $4,300 USD

Yacht size: 65ft

Guests: up to 50

60 Ft Sunseeker Manhattan


From: $2,550 USD

Yacht size: 60ft

Guests: up to 12

51 Ft Leopard Catamaran


From: $2,850 USD

Yacht size: 51ft

Guests: up to 15

50 Ft Cranchi Mediterranee


From: $1,950 USD

Yacht size: 50ft

Guests: up to 8

50 Ft Azimut with flybridge


From: $1,150 USD

Yacht size: 50ft

Guests: up to 15

44 Ft Leopard Catamaran


From: $1,550 USD

Yacht size: 44ft

Guests: up to 15

43 Ft Azimut with flybridge


From: $1,750 USD

Yacht size: 43ft

Guests: up to 8

42 Ft Azimut with flybridge


From: $1,050 USD

Yacht size: 42ft

Guests: up to 15

40 Ft Bali Catamaran


From: $1,950 USD

Yacht size: 40ft

Guests: up to 12

40 Ft Sea Ray Sundancer


From: $950 USD

Yacht size: 40ft

Guests: up to 12

40 Ft Lagoon Catamaran


From: $1,300 USD

Yacht size: 40ft

Guests: up to 15

40 Ft Van Dutch Yacht


From: $1,550 USD

Yacht size: 40ft

Guests: up to 8

38 Ft Lagoon Catamaran

tulum catamaran.jpg

From: $1,150 USD

Yacht size: 38ft

Guests: up to 15

37 Ft Four Winns Yacht

tulum yacht rental.jpg

From: $1,250 USD

Yacht size: 37ft

Guests: up to 8

34 Ft Aventura Catamaran

34 Ft Aventura Catamaran.jpg

From: $1,450 USD

Yacht size: 34ft

Guests: up to 10



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